Art Therapy for Children and Teenagers


Paula V., mother of teenage girl


I had never heard of Art Therapy, until we met Viviana. My daughter suddenly and quickly went from a happy, smiling, talkative child to a sad, moody, unapproachable teenager. Since my daughter is in an art college, I thought the connection would work well. I liked that Viviana is completely bilingual and that she also understands our bicultural background. My daughter was curious to try it too!

They have only seen each other virtually, initially 3 times a week. We saw an immediate change in her attitude and in trying to explain and communicate to us why she felt that way. I also learned from Viviana the importance of being timely when bringing up certain topics or events with my daughter. Her sessions are now once a week, but we see that our daughter is learning to deal with her problems. The fact that creativity was implemented during therapy, has been instrumental in getting to the root of our situation. Viviana connected with our daughter and I think her art therapy program shows us the light at the end of the tunnel.



Raquel C., mother of a 7 year old


My son comes home happy after each session, he loves working with all the different materials. The most significant thing for me has been to see the way in which he has begun to know himself, the deep conversations that we have had on introspective topics that he himself brings to me; they are invaluable tools for your life that we are beginning to build hand in hand with art therapy.



Tania A., mother of 11 year old girl


We had an incredible experience with Viviana. We were very impressed with her professional skills and her wonderful and warm personality made it easy for my daughter to trust her. Her work was instrumental in helping my daughter deal with her anxious feelings. Her strategies helped her find calm within the crisis. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a child who struggles with managing anxiety.



Art Therapy for Adults


Juan C.


I can say that each moment of the process is more than therapeutic or simply procedural; it is a living experience, under an internal dialogue in constant evolution, with various perceptual, physical and emotional passages. It is the opportunity for recognition and achieving inner peace. None of this would have been possible without the listening, patience and attention of the person who leads the sessions, where something emotional is always proposed, leaving the impression that each meeting has been worthwhile.



Walter C.


I have explored my own "psychological life" on various occasions over the years, with a variety of professionals, but have not found one with the combination of talent, compassion and efficacy that I found with Viviana.

​Our work together has focused primarily on "talk therapy" where I have found that she is remarkably insightful in guiding me through my own process with PTSD. The times we have used various art therapy exercises, I found the experience to be relaxing and pleasant, while also affording me the opportunity to speak and verbally process, as well as "play."

​Viviana has created a unique opportunity for me to explore my own psyche and heal from various life traumas, in a warm environment where I feel safe and comfortable, as well as challenged and supported.



Couples and Family Therapy


Carolina and Sebastián


Our experience with Viviana was very good. It helped us a lot in our relationship as a couple and family. Thanks to her, we realized where we were failing and what we had to continue harvesting. It was an enriching experience that helped us to strengthen ourselves personally, as a couple and  as a family.



Diana and Joseph


The couples therapy sessions that I had with Viviana created a safe and neutral space for conversation with my husband where he was more proactive and we came out of the circle of having the same conversations / discussions on the same topics or points of view.  

Viviana asked key questions to both of us that helped me to be clear about my relationship as a couple and to resolve the conflicting situation that I had right there in the session.  

The sessions were open spaces about how each one felt and reaching understandings and solutions.  

In the same way, they helped me review and propose the co-parenting scheme that works best for us and lead a healthier relationship for the good of ourselves and our children.



Jenny and Diego 


​Viviana is a great professional. I had the privilege of developing couples therapy sessions with Viviana. Her excellent methodology allowed us to identify the main vicissitudes of our relationship, analyze them individually and jointly, as well as propose effective settlement formulas to overcome the obstacles we face. The therapies provided us with tools that have undoubtedly strengthened our capacities to improve our relationship.



Walter and Victoria


Viviana helped me to understand my attachment patterns and how they informed my current relationship. This allowed me to be aware of  toxic codependent behavior and how it was related to my childhood traumas. I began to understand myself and what I needed in order to begin to form healthy romantic relationships. Ultimately this allowed me to safely and consciously detach from this relationship and begin to heal myself.





Hilda C.


I enjoyed the Emotional Wellbeing  workshops. The concept of resilience was clearly explained to me and the exercises were very interesting. They helped me to reflect on my own self-care. I have applied the tools that I learned in the workshop with great success!



Juan M.


The Emotional Wellbeing workshops taught me to know and manage my anxiety, to value my mental health and to learn to handle the difficult situations that arise in my life through Resilience. 



Stacey G.


The Emotional Wellbeing workshops taught me how to take care of my mental health during the pandemic. The workshop that I liked the most was the Resilience workshop, as it allowed me to access tools and coping techniques that helped me to overcome complex moments in my life. 



Andrea V.


I enjoyed the Art Therapy activities which helped me to understand and integrate the concepts learned about depression, trauma and anxiety. These activities, allowed me to see mental health from another perspective and I was able to relax. Through these workshops I learned how to take care of my mental health.