Self Care and Art Therapy Workshop

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In the Self Care and Art Therapy Workshop you will learn about Depression, its symptoms and treatment, and gain access to powerful self-care tools that you can practice at home. You will also participate in Art Therapy activities that will allow you to express and understand depressive symptoms and how to face them from an emotional perspective.

Would you only train the day before participating in a marathon? I wouldn’t think so. You would prepare several months in advance to be certain that your body and mind are ready to face the physical and psychological challenges of the race. Creating mental health habits throughout our lives allows us to face and cope with difficult situations in a timely and effective manner.

The Self Care and Art Therapy Workshop includes:

  • psychological education on anxiety

  • 2 art therapy activities

  • a workbook that you can develop at home

Psychological Education

Consists of providing information and tools about psychological issues. In this workshop the participants will study Depression, its symptoms and treatment.


Participants will learn techniques for recognizing and managing emotional difficulties. These tools will be worked through during the workshop as well as through written exercises.

Art Therapy Exercises

During this activity an introduction is given about what Art Therapy is and how the creative process contributes to managing emotional difficulties. Art Therapy is a discipline in the field of psychotherapy in which resources from the arts are used for therapeutic purposes. It consists of performing simple artistic exercises, which allow people to express thoughts, feelings and emotions through non-verbal language. The objective of the workshop is to generate emotional well-being through psychological education and the creative process.